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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Need for Spirituality
The Sant Nirankari Satsang Bhawan in London, played host to a gathering of devotees and guests where the question of ‘What is the significance of Spirituality in modern day life’ was explored. The clear conclusion was that in modern day life and especially in today’s society, it was a real necessity.

A combination of thoughts, poems and hymns were shared by presenters from across the globe in sharing their experiences and views. Sister Harjinder Mann from Ilford defined Spirituality as an individual’s personal relationship with God - a relationship which should be understood, nurtured and enjoyed throughout life.

A teenage devotee, Jordan Bowen from the West Midlands said that spirituality had helped him overcome difficulties he faced as a teenager by adopting the message “worry ends, where faith begins” thus seeing the bigger picture and trusting in God’s master plans.
Another devotee, Wendy Horan from Stoke-on-Trent , through a wonderfully constructed poem, enthused how the Mission had helped to change her thoughts which resulted in modifying her actions. She expressed:
“For what is life without spirituality?
 In a world of chaos and haste
The meaning of existence a terrible waste”
Dr Regina Clarke, a devotee from the USA shared how The Sant Nirankari Mission added to her Christian beliefs by enhancing her understanding of spirituality in the modern world. She stressed that “God is love and we are an image of God. Therefore, we should radiate this love. This is the foundation we should live with… must live by example and that our words are not enough”. Spirituality had helped her to feel a sense of gratitude for everything in life.
Rev. Harmohinder Singh Upashak Ji, said that natural calamities were taking the lives of thousands of innocent people but that manmade calamities were resulting in the loss of millions of people worldwide. Whilst we are limited in what we can do to help those suffering in natural calamities, we can minimise manmade calamities by imbibing virtues of love, acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness.
The Samagam featured an exhibition depicting the Mission’s practical approach to one another through blood donation camps worldwide, cleaning initiatives and food donations amongst others.
In the concluding discourse, Rev Ramnik Ahuja Ji from London elaborated from the verses of the Avtar Bani, that the human mind, body and material possessions are gifts from God. They should be used but not abused. He explained that we do not need to renounce our existing lifestyle, our families, our work or any other responsibilities that we have in order to retain spirituality in the modern world, moreover we should  abide with and contribute to our societies as a priority too,
If we progressed through lives as spiritual being having a human experience as opposed to human beings having the odd and occasional spiritual experience, a united, peaceful and all embracing society would become a realistic holistic worldwide possibility.



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